Three Tips To Help You With The Maintenance Of Your Well Equipment

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If you rely on well water, there is a lot of equipment that keeps the water running in your home. This can include pumps, filtration systems and other equipment for your well. It also needs to have maintenance and repairs done to ensure that you have running water. Here are some tips to help you with the maintenance of your equipment:

1. Sanitizing Wells To Ensure Clean Water Is Available

One of the most important parts of caring for your well and sanitizing it. When you first have the well drilled, the casing will need to be flushed to remove debris. After this is done, the water is sanitized with a treatment to ensure that there is no bacteria growing in the water. This is also something that you will want to do periodically to ensure that the water in your well is clean enough to use in your home and drink.

2. Filtration Systems To Purify Water And Deal With Mineral Content

With water wells, mineral content in the groundwater can affect the water quality. This is what causes hard water, which can be dealt with by installing a simple filtration system. The filter can be located at your well, or it can be a system that you have installed in your home. Filtration systems will remove all the minerals, which will help to reduce problems with hard water that can damage mechanical systems and appliances, as well as be a risk to your health. If you live in an area with high alkalinity, you may need a more complete water purification system.

3. Well Pumps To Keep The Water Running To Your Home

Another part of the well equipment you will need is a well pump. This is the pump that will provide your home with pressure and running water. There are two types of pumps that you can have installed; a jet pump at the surface or a submersible pump in the well casing. The submersible pump will be protected from the elements but will be more difficult to do maintenance and repairs. A jet pump can be installed on the surface, in a well house to make doing maintenance to these systems easier. 

These are some tips to help you keep up with the maintenance to your well systems. If you need help with maintenance or repairs to your well, contact a water well service (such as one from Schneider Water Services) to get the help you need keeping the water flowing in your home.


16 November 2015

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