Taking Compliance Training In The Workplace From Ordinary To Interesting In 3 Easy Steps

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If you are the human resources director or manager of just about any facility related to energy and environment, compliance training will easily be one of the biggest tasks you face in the workplace with your employees. Keeping employees in the know is key, and there is no way around it. Compliance training is important. Making sure that your not faced with wrangling employees into the office to complete their training sessions is all about using three simple steps to make compliance training more interesting.

Make the Training as Flexible as Possible

If you give some employees a little leash to roam, they will get themselves tangled up in it in some situations, but the same is not normally true when it comes to compliance training. Get your employees to be a little more open to completing their required sessions by giving them options and flexibility. Set a deadline that is generous enough to allow employees to work on classes and sessions at their leisure. If you are using an online compliance training program, make it possible for small sections of classes to be completed at once, or even on-the-go with a mobile platform.

Prove to Employees That Compliance Is Important

Just before the onset of compliance class sessions, release a few announcements or company newsletters with tidbits of new information or even old information that is easy to forget without regular training reminders. In some cases, just proving that employees may really need to brush up on their knowledge can be enough to get them interested in completing their training. The bottom line is, even when you think you know something well, it is easy to overestimate understanding, and pointing this out, even in a roundabout way, could capture employee interest.

Make Training More Interesting to Employees

Part of the reason employees dread compliance training so much is because it can be so monotonous and boring to endure. So lastly, use training materials that are up to date and interesting to garner interest in compliance. Try incorporating real-life scenarios as much as possible and adding a bit of humor when possible. It may be important to learn, but learning about compliance does not have to be boring. Utilize computer programs and online companies that can help you create programs that are easy to navigate and interesting.

The only problem with compliance training is the mere mention of "compliance" can sometimes lead employees in the opposite direction out of fear of boring class sessions and mundane recapping material. Make sure you keep these three simple steps in mind to give compliance training in your workplace a different meaning to employees. Contact a company like Environmental Hazmat Services Inc to learn more.


13 November 2015

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