6 Steps To Remove An Unwanted Pine Tree Stump In Your Yard

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Using a rented stump grinding machine is a good option for removing an unwanted pine tree stump in your yard. Stump grinders can be rented from your local home improvement or hardware store, and are designed to be used by any able-bodied adult. By following these six steps, you can completely remove your pine tree's stump and also its surface root system:

Step 1: Clear Away Bark, Rocks, and Vines

Since the last thing you want to do is damage your rented stump grinder, take the time to remove all of the landscaping bark, rocks, and vines from around the base of your pine tree stump. This will protect the stump grinder's moving parts from becoming entangled in the vines, and prevent the rocks from becoming flying projectiles if they hit the blades.

Step 2: Cut the Tree Stump Off at the Ground:

Using a chainsaw, trim off any of the pine tree stump that is sticking out of the ground. This will give you less tree material to remove with the stump grinder and will make the job go a lot faster and easier.

Step 3: Clear and Cut the Pine Tree's Surface Roots

Pine trees are known for having root systems that are shallow and prolific. It is important that you cut the roots and remove as many of them as possible. This will prevent the tree from regrowing from one of its roots.

To keep the roots from regrowing a tree, dig the surrounding surface roots out of the dirt. Once they are free of the soil, then cut them with your chainsaw before you grind out the rest of the stump. This will also save you time and effort with the stump grinder.

Step 4: Dress Appropriately for Operating the Stump Grinder

Stump grinders are large machines that can injure you if you do not dress properly for their use. Before turning on the stump grinder, ensure that you are wearing:

  • a long-sleeve shirt
  • denim jeans
  • goggles
  • ear plugs
  • leather gloves
  • work boots

Stump grinders are loud and produce a lot of vibration, so ear plugs and leather gloves are a must.

Step 5: Grind Down the Pine Tree's Stump

Keeping your feet away from the base of the stump grinder, start on the outer perimeter of the stump and grind inward towards the center. Continue grinding in a methodical grid pattern until the stump has all been converted to wood chips.

Step 6: Remove the Wood Chips

Pine wood chips are acidic and can damage your landscaping. For this reason, you should remove the wood chips from your stump and dispose of them or place them in your garden compost pile. If you need help removing a tree, visit Stritar Tree Service.


13 November 2015

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